You’re illiterate AND you’ve failed geography.


So I recently got promoted from inbound phone-drone to appointment caller. Actually loving my job, it’s easy and the pay is sweet. I call Mr. Smith at his appointed time, say the usual pleasantries, and ask for his information to find him.

Oops, he doesn’t come up. This is extremely unusual in our daily work. Not by name, phone number, email, nothing. I strike out on all 5 of the usual search methods and reach out to my lead while thanking Mr. Smith for his patience.

Then not 2 minutes after that he starts bellyaching about how he’s lived in Virginia all his life and now he can’t get help. Little problem, Mr. Smith – you have to be a resident of THIS state, not Virginia. Of course he turns the knob on the Whine-O-Meter up to 11 while I try to explain that he needs to call his LOCAL state department.

As to how he even got our number in the first place? It came out this Nobel prize winner *literally Googled and called the first number he saw*. Somehow in the process managing to miss the giant banners on the website for a state he wasn’t in, or having the IQ to comprehend that State X will neither help you with State Y’s issues or give two hoots that you exist.

He finally hangs up after a pitiful attempt at verbal assault when I helpfully suggest he get help from someone else on the computer. But hey…what else can you really do for a customer who is obviously illiterate, profoundly dumb AND rude?


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