“Well you don’t want to solve my problem”


Work in a call center for home mortgages that are active on forbearance.

I make cold calls to accounts on a predetermined list that are active but expiring soon to discuss extensions/ready to resume etc.

Spoke to this guy yesterday morning at 8 am. He hasn’t made made a payment on his mortgage for 15 months.

Guy: Now is not a good time to talk

Me: Okay I understand, can I call you back later today?

Guy: Yeah how about 830 tonight (over 12 hours from now)

Me: Unfortunately I won’t be here, I could give you a number to the department, any employee who answers will be able to assist you

Guy: No they need to call me I don’t want the number

Me: Unfortunately I don’t have any way of setting up a call back for someone else, but I can give you the number to call when is convenient for you

Guy: Wow. This is how it always is with you guys. You aren’t even trying to solve my problem

Me: I’m very sorry you feel that way but we can definitely help you out if you call this number back at a better time for you

Guy: I’m not taking the damn number. Absolutely fucking unbelievable *click*

How can someone feel that entitled after not making a mortgage payment for over a year?? That they “shouldn’t be bothered” with having to call us back to discuss their situation it’s all on us? Like this isn’t how this works. All you need to do is call this number back. I literally told you 4 times how to solve your problem.

Sometimes people just absolutely blow my mind.


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