You can’t have free internet just because your child/ren are autistic.


So this isn’t about one specific caller. I get this call often. From various customers.

They call up, they have restrictions on their account and they can’t use their internet because their bill is over 2 weeks overdue.

I explain that there are restrictions on the account because of an outstanding balance, and we already automatically offer 2 weeks grace and send reminders to pay in that time.

Where eligible, I’ll always offer a grace extension. It’s shitty when you’re in a bind and the internet is an integral part of the world in the 21st century.

However, I can’t always offer an extension. Sometimes we’ve already offered too many extensions of grace or some times it’s obvious the customer is just a chronic under-payer or credit seeker.

This is when they tell me that their child/ren have autism and they **need** the internet.

Well. I’m sorry sir/ma’am, however true that may be, you have to pay for the services we’re providing. There’s no law or regulation that states you get free internet because your kids are autistic. I’m sorry that might cause some really tough situations with you and your kids. We don’t give free internet to people with other needs or disabilities. You’re not special.


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