The worst thing about dealing with know-it-alls…


Long time lurker, first time poster.

I’ll keep it vague because I like my privacy, but I also wanted a safe place to rant…

My manager pings me an email “ring this external company back. Its gonna be a rough ride. Try and avoid the complaint.”

Me = well…. Me
DB = Douchebag

Small amount of background info for Mr DB – he’s a super smart fella, running a big city business with his BFFs. Carries the attitude and accent of the stereotypical boarding school posh boy. Hopefully the background info helps to personify the snappy, rude, snotty and belittling tones.

Me: Hello Mr DB, my names SometimesAGamer. I understand you’ve been having issues in completing this verification for your client. I’m just c…

DB: About time someone called, I was expecting you yesterday!!!

Me: My sincere apologies, sir. We’ve been having some issues with our database. I’ve called you back as soo…

DB: This is ridiculous! Every other company I’ve dealt with has accepted what I’ve sent them. I want a full explanation as to why you haven’t!!!!

Me: Well sir, when it comes to…


Me: *absolute silence*

Lengthy pause… Around 20 seconds.

DB: Well!?

Me: Please continue.

DB: What is your explanation!?

Me: Is there anything further you’d like to ask or add before I continue?

DB: Explain!

*me begins to explain the whole reason why we couldn’t accept what they sent. Basically, it was their own fault but I fluffed it up a bit to try and soften the blow*

DB: I’ll be registering a complaint! My client will be taking legal action to recover losses!!!

Me: And you’re well within your rights to do both of those things. However, sir, as I was about to say at the start of the call, I’m calling to get this matter resolved, but I need your co-operation.

DB: *awkward silence*

Me: Are you happy to continue?

DB: What do you need?

*proceeds to tell him exactly what I need from him, confirmation of some personal details along with some legal jargon which I have to have him confirm*

Me: And finally Mr DB, I just need you to provide me with your reference.

DB: I’m working from home, why on earth would I have this information to hand!!!

*background on this bit – he wouldn’t be able to do his job without that reference. Consider it an employee ID number… He’s been doing this job a number of years.

Me: without verbal confirmation on this recorded line, we’d have to take another route.


Me: As are a lot of people around the country.

*He finally caves, gives me the reference, confirms all the details I need for his client. By this point, he’s simmered down a bit; it seems his brains caught up with his mouth and he realises he could have had this dealt with in three minutes rather than the 20 we’ve currently been on the line*

Me: Okay Mr DB, with all of that sorted, I’ll get a complaint recorded for you. Can you summarise the issues.

DB: *rather deflated now, mumbles what the problems were. He must have fizzled out by this point, because it seemed like he was realising it was all on him*

Me: Okay sir, I’ll get that recorded and one of my colleagues will be in touch.

*usual call closing chatter*

If Mr DB had just given me an extra ten seconds at the start of my call, we’d have had the whole thing wrapped up in literally minutes. If he’d have taken himself down off his high horse, he wouldn’t have wasted thirty minutes of both of our time. The issue with dealing with “educated” people is that they seem to lose every ounce of common sense. On the flip side, what I lack in smarts, I make up with people skills, common sense and problem solving. From some of your guys posts, it seems that this is generally the case.

Just let us solve the problems you’ve created. Where I work, we actually want to solve the problems rather than have them jump through a load of red tape.

End of little rant. Might not seem much, but it’s been bothering me most of the day.


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