“What do you mean ‘verify my name’?? You send me bills every month so you should see my name on screen!!”


This was an older lady calling in and from what I could gather in her ranting, it seems she’s had a rather frustrating experience with the company so I sympathize…..d.

She is very difficult from the start. It appeared that she was already verified in the automated system, so I just needed her to verify her name verbally recorded in the call per our company policy. Should be easy right? NOPE, she argued with me about how we obviously know her name with all the bills and letters we’ve been sending her, and all she wanted was for us to send her a check for an overpayment she made to her account. After I explained to her strictly and nicely that I literally just needed her to state her name so that I pull up her account and could send her the check, she begrudgingly gave me her name.

Most of the call was the same – her arguing with me, refusing to answer questions that I need her to answer so I can carry out the request she had for today, her ranting about how she’s going to bring her lawyer into this and tell the BBB about us, and right when I’m about to carry out the one request she’s been b***ching about the entire call, she hangs up.

I didn’t have to, but to spare the next agent, I decided to stay on the line and had a supervisor request the check for her since I had all the information I needed from her anyway and left a note in the account so the next agent knows what to expect.

I hate it when customers expect you to throw out policies and procedures and with the snap of your finger, make it across the rainbow and process their request by pressing the big red button on our screens that won’t ask them any questions, verification or otherwise, and additionally have to sit there and listen to their ranting.


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