Yes Ma’am, 18 is the age of majority.


I work for a company that does online education. We have career programs and a high school that caters to adult learnwrs and traditional age students. This caller wasn’t exactly mean, but she had a really hard time getting anything I was saying. She wanted to sign her son up for online summer school classes. First I had to explain the concept of online learning, ebooks, and paying tuition to her multiple times. During enrollment she didn’t want to give her son’s phone number because he never answers it and he doesn’t have his own email so just use hers. Which is odd, but workable. Then I asked for his DOB, and it was last month. His 18th birthday. Ok, so this means he’s an adult and needs to enroll himself. She couldn’t understand this or why she couldn’t just enroll her son.🙄 Who was home so he could’ve come to the phone, but she didn’t want to wake him. I tried explaining several different ways that 18 yr olds are legal adults, but it was like she never heard of the concept. Eventually she just gave up. Which is probably a good thing, if her son can’t even be bothered to wake up in the middle of the afternoon let him pay for his own school.


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