Lady doesn’t pay her bill and plays the racist card


This literally happened yesterday.

I work customer service for a train-travel company where people can get subscriptions so they can travel with discounts or even for free at certain times and most also have the option to put travel expenses on a monthly bill so they can pay afterwards and not have to upload money onto their cards that almost everyone where I live uses to go with public transportation.

Yesterday I got a call from a lady claiming we unfairly stopped our services so I went to gather some information to look at her account.

It turned out she’d had this really large bill that she hadn’t payed.

I asked her about this and she confirmed she didn’t because the bill was wrong so I opened it and checked both her subscription as well as all the travels she made so which expenses she would have had which were all correct.

She then claimed that at the moment if would have normally automatically billed she didn’t have enough money in her bank and after we never send her any reminder and just cancelled her subscription.

I could very clearly see we had send her three reminders that she needed to pay, the first by email, the second by regular mail and the third also by email which she then claimed to have never recieved even ater I checked if the adres and emailadres were both correct and read the dates we sent each.

She then decided to go the “I rarely check my mail or emails!” -route which I told her is sadly her own responsibility and that’s when the freaking out started, screaming that it’s unfair how the bills could even get that high to which I told her that was her own doing and if she had contacted us earlier we would have been able to set up a payment plan so she could play in pieces over a longer period.

Then it came…

“You only want me to pay my bills because I’m black!”

She went and played the racist-card.

I tried to explain how it doesn’t work like that as we don’t know people their races but they just went into a whole ass rant on how white people care nothing about black people without letting me get a word in before hanging up.

In the end I just wrote a note under her customer number to warn others about her and was grateful my break started.

**TL/DR: Lady didn’t pay her bill, makes all kinds of excuses and when that doesn’t work screams about how we’re racist**


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