Wishy washy policies


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So I work for a certain check company and mainly speak with different banks all day. Different banks have different policies special to them.

One particular bank has a very frustrating rule where we can’t waive any fees to the bank without a promotion code. Just got this call but it wasn’t the first like this and it won’t be the last.

Banker: hi I’d like to place an order and have all fees waived to the branch.

Me: Yes I’d be happy to place an order for you, unfortunately for __ bank I can not waive the charges unless you had a promo code with you.

Banker: I’ve placed 100s of orders with deluxe and I’ve never had to do that.

Me: I do apologize sir but this is the rule __ bank needs us to follow.

Banker: Is this a new policy? I’ve been calling over 5 years and never heard of this!

Me: No its not a new policy, I Apologize again but I can not waive the charges without a code.

Banker: Fine I’ll just call back and get someone other than you!

Which I’m sure he did call back and get someone else to take the order for him. It’s strange how pretty much none of my coworkers take this seriously. I do because I got super dinged on a call evaluation for it once. Anyone else ever had an issue like this within your own companies?


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