Bad day today


Most of my customers are great. Around this time of year though we have the second home owners calling in. They’re the worst. They’re horribly rude and pushy to me. The service technicians get out there and the customers are all of sudden super friendly and nice and even tip the guys. But the woman on the phone?!?! (Me) yeah… fuck her. I’m trying not to give to many details cause I really don’t want this post to get back to me. They buy a luxury item from the company I work for. I’m the first person they talk to when there’s a problem. I do absolutely everything I can to help them over the phone to save them from having to wait for the techs to get out there. A lot of our customers are receptive to getting information from a woman. But there’s those god damn boomer fuck wads. I can tell them something over and over again till I’m blue in the face and nope I don’t know what I’m talking about. Boss man (who’s also a boomer) says the same thing the same exact fucking way and all of sudden 💡 it makes sense. Ugh rant over. Thanks for idk whatever this is.


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