Someone just lets me do my work?


I’m working for a company selling solar panels over the Internet and my job is to be the first contact to the company and to figure out if we can actually do the project and what customer journey is right for the customer. Therefore we have a small questionnaire ‘what’s your roof pitch?’ or ‘what’s the material your roof is made of?’

A lot of customers just hear my company’s name and start babbling immediately. “So glad you called. My project is this and that. I want this and that. Please also consider blah blah”. I then always have to slow down their enthusiasm to tell them “Please stop talking, I just have some questions. You can discuss this in the next step”.

Well today I had a customer that actually started out with “Okay great. Then I’ll just let you lead the conversation because you probably have done it a lot more than I did.” Thank you so much random stranger


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