What I hate most my job…


Me: Hello welcome to [censored] this is [censored] and how may I help you today?

Customer: Get me a manager now!

Me: Alright sir just let me get the information to give to the supervisor. What would your name and [censored]? Customer gives me the information; I authenticate account. Well sir; forgive me for asking but the supervisor usually asks for the reason for the call; what on particular can we do to assist you? (I also ask how his day is going under the pretense of waiting for the computer to load).

Customer: Your manager said he’d contact me about a missing order and he hasn’t reached out to me yet? I look into his account; and see that it’s littered with back and forths between him and a very high level manager regarding the shipping company; if the investigation by us and the shipping company rules against him he’s on for the price of a three figure product.

Me: Oh my sir; I’d be a little frustrated with that as well. I’ll tell this person that they need to give you a callback by the end of the day.

Customer: Not good enough. Get me a manager now! And some profanity mixed in.

Me: Well sir; I can get you a manager but the person reaching out to you is at least three ranks above my supervisor and my boss wouldn’t have the clearance to handle it. Seeing how they’ll be calling you back later on would you rather have the original person?

Customer: No! Get me a manager now!

Me: Alright sir; all our Managers are on calls; just give me one sec to confirm they got the request for a sup call.

Me: (To the sup) description of issue; ticket number; callback number, documentation of our policy, name of caller; have build empathy and rapport with customer and have explained that you will tell him the same damn thing (I didn’t say that exact word). Yes I know it’s a waste of everyone’s time; and I am open to any any all ways to deesclate. I’m perfectly fine with waiting on the line if you just want to tire him out.

Sup; Posts the higher manager needs to handle this in all caps and bold letters at least five times.

Me: I agree; I agree; let me know if there’s anything you want me to do to deesclate.

Sup:Posts the higher manager needs to handle this in all caps and bold letters at least five more times. Eventually says she will call the customer (after insulting me); I check the notes the next day; she never did.


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