I want to follow up on my customer complaint


Me “Hello how can I help today?”

Her “I want to see if you got my complaint and what you’re doing about it.”

M “ok, and which company are you calling to complain about? (I ask this because people often confuse us for other companies)”

H “my phone company”

M “ok so we are not the phone company you would need to call them directly”

H “ok well i just want to follow up on the complaint”

M “yes ma’am i understand but we are X company you are talking about Y company, you have called the wrong #”

H “oh, well can you look at it for me and see if they have done anything with the complaint?”

M “no ma’am, we are not the company that you are complaining about, we are Y, would you like the phone number to speak to X’s customer service?”

H “no I just want you to tell me what they are doing about my complaint”

M “ok ma’am, I cannot do that because we are not that company so we obviously would not have access to their records, I can give you their phone number so you can follow up?”

H “no, I will just look in the phone book further to see if i can find their number”

M “are you sure? I have their number right here, I can just transfer you?”:

H “can’t you just look into my complaint?”



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