Dumb lady things she’s smarter than me for what I’m working for


And, here comes another one.

So I got a lady that said that she was having some issues with its device and its mobile connection.

I did the basics for the troubleshooting we do to just connect everything up. She was having another issue with the 5g device because apparently it was not connecting. We usually try to guide someone to connect it but for some reason it was showing something different. She told me she doesn’t have a sim card in the phone.

After checking for a while what the customer was showing in her phone, she just said she was sure there was no sim card in the phone. She then proceeded to tell me that it was MY responsibility to check if the sim card was there and that since she bought the phone from US WE were the ones who could check on that. I tried to explain this lady that we only have information of the information of the device, like the sim card number and the imei and that’s it, but we don’t have the information of a sim card being or not being inside of the phone. She sounded very indignant of what I said, saying… once again.. It was OUR job to check it, that she bought the phone from US, that OUR system should show me that, and that probably I’M not checking in the correct way and therefore apparently I had to ask.

Something it always made me laugh of these imbeciles is that they complain we have too much information because some things are private info, and on the other side, they complain we don’t have enough personal info on our side. Even they dunno wtf they want.

At the end, she just said that there wasn’t a sim card. I asked her if she took it out, and she told me no, because the phone does not need or use sim cards (it was a samsung s20 btw). I tried to explain her that all phones still use the sim cards and she told me “NO, BECAUSE THE SIM CARD IS INSIDE THE PHONE”. I tried to explain this lady the sim card yeah, is inside the phone, because of the sim card tray, which she responded “NO, BECAUSE THE SIM CARD ALREADY COMES INSTALLED IN THE PHONE”. I guess she meant the sim card was part f the device already, like it was stuck in the device, like the camera was or something. Every time I tried to explain her about the darn sim card tray, she just sighed and kept saying there was not because the sim card is already part of the phone. She then said something it truly bugged me and made me angry: “Gosh, is incredible you work on this and ***I know more about this device than you do!*** *The phone does not come with a sim card”.*

I. Lost. My. Crap. One thing I hate is people being stupid as hell, and another is people underestimating me and what I know. I lost it and stopped my jolly tone and started back and forth with this lady “Yes, yes it does, it comes in a sim card tray…”. Every time I told her something she responded that I was wrong and that it was incredible she knew more about the device than me. I just kept telling her SHE was wrong because the phone does come with a sim card tray.

At the end, she just told me “Ok, show me where the sim card is. I’m sure there is no sim card on the phone. If you say the phone comes with a sim card, tell me where it is? Let’s see if you can point it out if you say there s one”. It took me 10 seconds, a while writing on the keyboard, and a simple click on a pic (visual reference) to find where the sim card tray was. I just told her “Is in the top of the phone. You’re gonna see a little hole you’re gonna need to press with the little metal piece that comes with the phone to open the SIM CARD TRAY”.

The dumb lady just hung up. I know she didn’t take the sim card out. I guess she couldn’t accept it was wrong and preferred to just go in defeat. I hate people that things they know a lot just because they use something daily… and call other people stuid just because you don’t want to admit you’re wrong.

What did we learn today? Don’t let your kids eat too much dirt and shards of glass, or your kids will be like this lady.


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