“I’m a nurse and I know when things are inappropriate, and what you’re asking me is INAPPROPRIATE!”

So, I work in the call center (customer service dept) at an electric company. Our policy is to verify their birthday and last 4 of their SSN when they call to make changes to their account, or want to get info on their account. The other day, I had a lady call in with a question that I needed to verify her info to answer…

Me: “okay ma’am, can I get you to verify your birthday and the last 4 of your social, please?”

Crazy: “why do you need that?! do you even HAVE THAT?! I don’t need to tell you that!”

Me: “I’m very sorry ma’am but unfortunately that’s a requirement for me to give out any information on an account.”

Crazy: “Why do you even have that information?!”

Me: “Well, because when you signed up with us, we requested it to run a utility credit check to see if there was going to be a deposit required…and the information is also used for debt collection purposes, as well as identity and account verification purposes.”

Crazy: “I’m an RN and I KNOW when things are inappropriate, and that’s INAPPROPRIATE for you to ask me!”

Me: “Ma’am, I don’t appreciate you yelling at me when I’m just trying to do my job.”

In the end, she just hung up. Man, y’all would not believe the things that these people say when asked to verify their bday and SSN or when we tell them we need their FULL SSN to get them signed up and run a utility credit check.

Some gems include:

“I’m concerned about the legality of your company asking for that. I’m not sure that’s legal.”

“The social security administration told me not to give that out to anyone.” (did you also refuse to provide it to HR upon getting hired for a new job? refuse to provide it to the IRS?)

“I don’t need to give you my bday and last 4 of my SSN! You don’t even have that! (actually, I’m staring right at it…because you provided it when you signed up…)

What do you think?

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Incompetence can lead to dire consequences.

“What do you mean ‘verify my name’?? You send me bills every month so you should see my name on screen!!”