“Well, how can I help YOU?!” How a customer Reverse Uno Card-ed me


Hello again! Posting these is turning into my therapy for each shift.

I work the overnight shift for Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERS). Most of the far and few in between calls I have seem almost like a fever dream, as only the most random people call at 3am for service.

I’m chilling with my boyfriend playing Xbox as it is a slow night and I don’t really eat at 3:30am so while I take my break, we are playing some games.

I pause after my break, tell him I’ll call him on my next one and hang up the phone, hearing the beep in my headset signaling a new call when I go auto-in.

I give my introduction and the guy is talking to someone in the background.

Aside from someone speaking over me, this has to be my next pet peeve. If you call somewhere, pay attention to the damn call. Don’t have three conversations at once while on call.

“Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?” I ask, hand hovering on the end call button as I’ve been waiting for close to two minutes for a response.

The man comes on the line, sounding frustrated and tired.

“I have to have my car towed home.”

“Okay, I can help. To place the call I need your membership number first, please.”

The man sounded confused for a moment but gave me the number.

I locate his account, he already has a call for a tow and the driver is on scene. I stare at my monitor for a few seconds, preparing myself for some idiotic situation.

“You already have a call and a driver on scene. Is there something wrong?”


I mute the mic and sigh, steeling myself for more stupidity.

“Um, okay, so what’s the issue?”

I hear shuffling and a different voice comes on the phone.

“Hello? This is the driver.”

Now I’m really confused as to why he passed the phone, but okay.

“Hi, this is Trace with ERS. Is there something wrong? I’m not quite sure how to help the member.”

The driver sounds just as confused.

“Frankly, Miss, I have no clue why he called you, I told him everything was fine. I’ll pass the phone over if that’s okay with you.”

I say, yeah, no worries, and the member comes back on the line.

“Alright sir, how can I help you?” I try once more, praying that he finally tells me.

“The driver is here.”

“Okay, was there anything else I could do to help you?”

The guy sighs heavily and starts speaking loudly.

“How can I help YOU?! You’re not making any sense, ma’am, the driver is here.”

At this point, I just mute the mic to laugh because he stunned me into silence for a couple of moments at how random it was. I stare at the screen in disbelief.

“Okay, so everything is fine?”

“Ugh, YES! Damn, customer service in this company is trash” and hung up.

I’m still trying to understand what the hell he called about. But asking how he could help me threw me for a loop lol

Two and a half more hours of this shit.

Edit: so it may have been that the automated system contacted him and he was confused as to why as some people pointed below. This scenario actually makes a lot more sense than someone calling and not knowing their request.


What do you think?

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