How to help my girlfriend who was verbally abused by a customer?


Right now, my girlfriend is the only one of us who have a job and she just walked away from a call in tears. Apparently some customer was overly rude and insulting, I obviously don’t know the details because she can’t talk about it.

I hugged her, brought her some water too…I wish I had some way to help. Watching her be in pain hurts so much.

This car insurance job has been painful for her. I recently quit my cyber security job due to a manager who made me have panic attacks because of his terrible management style, also had abusive customers from all over(US,AU,IN,etc) so I kinda know where she is coming from.

Honestly, I have been applying and interviewing like crazy to find a new role so that she can take a mental health break and eventually find a role where it is less likely to encounter abusive customers.

If this is what you all put up with, I’m so sorry. People are terrible. All companies should have a policy to end calls with customers who are being abusive immediately and actually empower employees to enforce it.


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