Some call just to keep busy…


Caller: *Babbling and mumbling her words at 100mph* “hey, I haven’t received my package and it was suppose to be here already and I really need it and I don’t have time to be waiting around for this order cause I’m already very busy waiting for a relative to die, and we’ve all been waiting all day for him to die so I don’t have time to be worrying about this package, can you just tell me where my package is…”

Me: “oh I’m sorry, sure. What is your order number?”

Caller: *Mumbling in desperation* “I don’t have any of that information, didn’t you just hear what I said… we are very busy waiting for someone to die and going thru this. Can’t you just help me?”

Me: “I would love to help you but I do need some information to pull the order up. Your phone number wasn’t linked to any account. Can you provide a Customer ID, an alternate phone number or an email address?

Caller: *exasperated* “I don’t have any of that stuff… why can’t you just tell me where it is? I’m gonna have to call you back…”


Grief shows in some interesting ways… and to be totally honest… I dont think she was really trying to reach my company, we just happened to be the first Google search result on the list. It happens a lot.


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