Today was really testing my sanity


How in the actual f*ck does my employer expect people to put up with this sh*t!? For context, I work in the chat/messaging customer service for a large lingerie retail company. We can have up to 3 conversations going on at once with different customers.

First, I had 2 chats in a row of people who mysteriously had the same exact order total that was going to the same address (different names and other info, but this address is known as a common freight forwarding (FF) address and wasn’t the surprise of the chats. We have a policy that freight forwarders are the ones responsible if we show their item(s) were marked delivered, but we rarely actually follow it for some reason that I’m still trying to figure out). Both started with a clearly copy and pasted, “I haven’t received my items, I am so upset!!!!!!!” message, which I let them know the orders were sent to an FF address and they disconnected. Fine.

Then I get chats galore about people from our international website (our system uses a different website for people outside of the US to order from— we can rarely make changes to an order unless it has something to do with the total being paid. Any modifications, like cancellations, changing an address or changing the size of an item, are not able to be done). So many people want to change this or that about their order, wanting to cancel, etc. I explain I can’t do this for them but because the majority of these customers are non-English speaking, I almost always have to explain like 4 times what I have just said because for some reason a lot feel the need to confirm something that I’ve just stated several times. There is also a lot of misunderstanding as to what information they were told.

Some girl in Korea got the wrong items, which we usually require you to return wrong items to us, but orders outside of the US that are being returned do not have a free return label and are responsible for shipping costs (this is a really dumb policy and I wish we had better options for customers but it is what it is). She asks several times about the items, which she has been refunded for. I explain I cannot send a free return label for her and she is free to keep the items or give them away if she does not want to pay for the return. I have to tell her she can keep or give away the items 5 more times after this. Once she realizes what I’m saying, she asks to confirm that she was sent a refund for the items and a replacement is also being sent. I once again explain she has been sent a refund and this is not equivalent of a replacement. I am happy to help with a replacement for her. “I’m working now, I’ll come back later. Thanks.” After an almost 40 minute chat!? Really?!

Then I get some woman who thinks her order was supposed to arrive on today, but it is estimated/guaranteed to arrive in 3 days. Our policy for items that are still showing on the way to a customer but is not received by this date is to ask the customer to wait 4 additional business days to allow items to arrive. She gets offended and thinks I’m insulting her intelligence, asking for a supervisor, when I accidentally gave her the incorrect date and apologized for the mistake and gave her the correct date. Great.

At the same damn time as the 2 aforementioned customers, I have a 3rd customer who is asking me about a current offer code we have that wasn’t working on her order. Please note, I am responding to her within normal timeframes. M= Me C= Customer

C: Do you have this item in store?

C: Please let me know

M: Hi! I am happy to help you today. We do have a way to check in store items online, here’s how. What were you looking for today?

C: 32B sale bras

C: Please let me know

M: Are you looking for a certain type? We have a lot of great items available on sale!

C: Demi

C: Please let me know

M: I see the only bra we have that matches your criteria is not available in your local store. I can honor free shipping if you want to place an order!

C: Is the XXX code available in Canada?

C: Please let me know

M: The code is available in Canada. Do you want to place an order?

C: Can this code be used in store in Canada?

C: Please let me know

M: The code states online that it is an online only code.

C: Are returns free in Canada?

C: Please let me know


Like, I have patience and have put up with creeps and weirdos but my god, STFU. I may be seriously on edge because I just was thinking this week was going to be relatively slow and I hop on for the first time this week and it’s busier than ever, but my god how in the hell… We don’t normally have 3 chats at once, but if we’re busy like this it wears heavily on your mental health. And all the while people preach the “positive mindset” BS that I have never and will never buy into. FACK.

I understand this isn’t like someone yelling at me or heavy abuse, but my god I was just being pushed to the edge today.


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