Just because you don’t want to understand, doesn’t mean I’m not telling you the truth.


Let’s call her Ida…

Ida: I want to return these plastic fixtures you sent me.

(I check her account, 2 orders of samples. We sent her one of each small plastic fixture she was interested in plus a metal one, a total of 11 items. No cost on the fixtures but she paid $8 in shipping)

Me: Sorry Ida, these were free samples that were sent to you. Sorry, we do not take returns on sample orders. You can throw them away if you don’t want them or re-purpose them for something else.

Ida: No, I paid for them. Don’t tell me I didn’t pay for them.

Me: Can you provide an order number? Maybe there’s another account that has other orders from you on it?

Ida: No, I only made this order. *huge exasperating sigh*

(Under her breath, she says “I hate when they let outsiders work in call centers, this is the last time I do this.” Keep in mind, born and raised in America, no accent whatsoever, I take a deep breath before I reply

Me: Well I have checked and only see these two orders for sample fixtures.

Ida: Yes that’s the one, don’t tell me these are samples.

Me: Ida, there was no cost to the items that means they are a sample order, you just paid for the shipping of them. Even if we did accept returns on samples, since there was no cost on the item you would get no credit for them. Plus it would cost you more to ship them back.

Ida: No you can’t tell me that these are samples, I know I ordered these…

Me: Ma’am, are there only one of each item in this order?

Ida: Yes, that’s my order and I only want to keep the metal one.

Me: You are more than welcome to keep that one, and the rest of the samples you can discard because we will not be doing a return for them.

Ida: I want to talk to the girl that helped me put this order together and not to you.

(I silently thank God that I can be done talking to this ignorant fool)

Me: Sure thing. One moment…

*I put her on hold while she’s in mid sentence of something else derogatory, she ends up hanging up while I’m trying to escalate the call, she calls back and gets my coworker who sits next to me*

My coworker tries to pretend to be new to the situation even though she overheard our conversation and explains the same thing about how we are not returning samples. Ida doesn’t believe her either. Because Ida is a very cunning old bitty who just wears people down with her ignorance, and suggested that the call center have products in every cubicle so we can test them while on the phone, she ended up getting another order of samples because she wants to see the metal fixtures this time and my coworker was soooooo done talking to her that she didn’t charge her for shipping. If she pops up on my caller ID, I’m not answering. I will take the write up.


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