Threaten my operator: a DIY on turning a bad day worse.


Obligatory: this happened to a co-worker, not me.

Legally I can not get into the specifics of the call but I think you’ll get the point

We work at a CC that offers general guidance and information on a complex issue that spans from general questions from citizens to legal specifics from governmental agencies.

Technically speaking we’re an offer stemming from a cooperation between several authorities and the responsibility of running the actual CC befalls the police.

We are NOT police, but we *are* protected by the same rights…

Needless to say, someone who vehemently disagreed with some governmental decision was having a bad day and decided to threaten one of my operators. I took the literal phone straight to our police liaison.

Unfortunately for this angry sod, the police don’t give a damn if you don’t show caller identity. He had a nice chat with a squad car arriving 15 minutes later to inform him that the threats had indeed been received and recorded.


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