I miss my old call center


I used to work for a TV/Phone/Internet provider a good 10 years or so ago.

It was one of the best places ever as management didn’t really care and we could get away with all sorts, within reason. To avoid calls going to Managers, if a customer requested to escalate, we’d just grab the nearest available Agent to take over the call. I remember this one I was asked to take that I enjoyed immensely.

The guy had called for a simple request but point blank refused to go through any security questions.

Agent: “I can escalate the call Sir but the manager will also ask you to go through security before he talks to you”

*Headset gets passed to me*

Me: “Hi you’re speaking to Manager. Can I start with your account number, name and address please”

Him: “As I told your subordinate I am not giving that info. You already have it in your computers”

Me: “Well we have no details in front of us, are you going to provide your account number so we can look up your file?”

Him: “No I will not”

Me: “Then we can’t help you. Goodbye”

I disconnected the call. I was only in that call center for 2 years but it was the best 2 years in a call center ever.


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