I’m leaving but struggling to work my notice period


Hi guys,

I’ve been a call centre agent for about three months now and it’s unfortunately really taken its toll on me mentally. I find the job incredibly draining and genuinely do not feel like I have enough energy to do anything other than sleep and smoke when I finish my shit. I have anxiety every time a shift starts and feel like I’m going to puke. I am leaving in three days but am hating every minute of it. My team mates are two-faced and dicksuck the company to oblivion, it’s like their brainwashed and lots of people who’ve left has said the place has a “cult-like” vibe even though most of them (if not all) are being paid just about min wage. I am struggling to just get through the day, I hate picking up the phone never knowing if someone is going to start having a go at me.


I’ve told my manager that I am having extreme anxiety and don’t want to pick up the phone and have told my boss this but they are still making me take calls. I just want this to be over. I’ve never hated a job so much or felt a workplace was as toxic. It’s like your co-workers genuinely get annoyed or angry when you point out how the company mistreats us. I am just so sick of this and just need to get it off my chest.


What do you think?

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