That one time I had nothing better to do but to lie to a customer about the gender of the person they previously spoke to


This happened about a year ago.

I should mention that I work for a different country than the one I live in (work for the UK, the call center is in eastern Europe). I work in a tech call center for a huge brand that you’ve certainly heard of or have even owned/currently own. I work for the team handling computers.

Customer calls, belligerent that we’ve altered his warranty date to the correct one and that is absolutely unacceptable, because he can’t return it back to the shop (although he had proof it was wrong in the first place) and we should change it back immediately. As you can imagine, not possible! He had been calling practically nonstop for two days, demanding managers or to speak to some directly in the UK, which again, it’s not possible as the call center doesn’t have offices there.

The previous day, one of my colleagues took the call. I should mention that he has a no doubt manly name in our language, but does have quite a feminine voice over the phone, something we regularly mock him for, especially when customers leave reviews with the words “the lovely lady that helped me was great!”. He was unavailable at that moment, so I had the manager call transferred to myself. Not unusual, customer starts raging and during the rage, he mentions something about the previous day and “the lady I spoke to yesterday”. I KNEW he had spoken to my colleague as we had discussed the case + there were notes about it clearly being my colleague and there was no other female that could’ve taken the call. I confirmed the name (the manly one, but why would the customer know it was a man’s name?), yet the customer insists it was a lady. I nicely explain it might’ve sounded like it, it has happened before, but I can assure him, my colleague is a man. This turns into a 15 minute argument, in which the customer repeatedly tells me that I’m a liar and he just KNOWS he spoke to a lady. I finally let it go and we went on to argue about a different thing altogether since his only purpose for calling was to argue anyway.

Don’t you just have one of those days when you have nothing better to do but lie about your colleagues gender identites :)?


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