Best and worst call I’ve ever had, by far. My boss said I handled it great though.


So apologies for formatting, Im on mobile.
This is a 100% true story that happened tonight. I got a huge kick, but well, sucks for her. She got a black mark on her account, and a major mood shift haha

Some details omitted for obvious reasons

So I do phone account support for a large tv company. Tonight I got the worst customer to date. Im trying to explain why her bill increased by a gigantic $10 a month. After trying to explain once, she basically acted like she didn’t believe me, started cussing at me, threatened violence, called me slurs (not the one you’re thinking), etc. She then demanded a supervisor, which I was already in the process of doing. I gave her to my boss, the same situation happened and she hung up apparently.

She calls back. I got her again. She’s so nice and polite, but she’s lying about “credits the previous agent promised her.”

I helped her out, came to a middle ground that didn’t lower her bill entirely but lowered it a little. She went on to tell me how nice I was, and how polite I was, and how much she appreciated me. Then she went on to tell me how rude and awful the last agent was. He was stupid, and just awful.

Then I dropped the bomb. “Oh yeah, that was me.”

She got so dead silent. She tried to argue it, I said “Oh yeah, no that was me. The woman you spoke to was femanon, my boss.”

She wished me a good night and hung up.

Be kind, folks.


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That one time I had nothing better to do but to lie to a customer about the gender of the person they previously spoke to

Some call just to keep busy…