I was wondering how common it was for you guys working at call centers with a toll-free number to receive calls from telemarketing agents from a certain sub-continent in the shape of a triangle, apparently calling outside, from the very top of the Himalayan Mountains and wanting “to speak to [horribly butchers this incredibly simple to pronounce name] John Doe, information technology officer.”

I work at what is basically a small-ish switchboard and today they were calling **constantly**. They are so annoying. Like, no Sanjeev, our IT department doesn’t give a shit about your services nobody asked about. Also idk where they get their contact lists but they’re always wanting to talk to people that haven’t been working with us for years. And when you tell them you don’t have anybody with that name they’re like: “Would you mind checking the global directory for me?” What do you think I just did in order to find out John Doe isn’t working here, Sanjeev?

Are there ways to shut them down efficiently and get them to stop calling forever?

I realize they probably have a much shittier job than mine but like come on, they’re wasting everybody’s time, especially their own.


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I will NEVER shop with this company and I will certainly NOT use their credit card