Tales from the Law Phones: It’s friday *sigh*


This was my first one today, from the way he spoke it sounds like his local help are already aware of his situation.. but here’s a synopsis of what he told me

>The claimant states that he was going to the hospital for his [condition omitted], and was finishing up with his [treatments] for that day. He states that somewhere during the process of having the [treatments] done, the doctors secretly put an implant in him.
>He states that he feels shocks through his body, like there are needles in the middle of his spine and the bottoms of his feet. He states he can feel vibrations, and that he can hear people speaking to him and that it echoes in my ears. If he puts music up to his ears, it makes it sound louder.
>Claimant states that he is a targeted individual, and that the voices he hears are intelligent voices, and that’s why he knows it is real. He says there have been attempts on his life, and his mother’s life, and that occasionally the abilities and or technology at the disposal of ‘these people’ can make him “feel thumps in his body” like they’re tapping him.
>He states that they point beams of light at him when he goes outside that makes him feel hot all over, little white lights, and when he spots them they run away into the woods.

I kept asking him questions honestly just because I wanted to know what he’d add to it..

Another interesting one that I had, to be honest I almost hung up on this man.. Essentially, [his synopsis has too much information so Ill paraphrase here]

>He says that his doctor has been prescribing him a medication for 8 years for a condition of his and he suddenly discovered this year that it’s a medication “transgender men take to become women”. He stated that he was unknowingly feeling symptoms similar to that of menstruation, including stomach cramps and *psychotic episodes* and that the only reason he found out was because he suddenly grew breasts [I nearly hung up on him out of anger at this point, but I just quickly asked him for his doctors name and completed the intake as is] :sweat:

Thankfully for me, my office is an absolute no discrimination environment, and I am freely able to hang up on assholes, racists, sexists, and blatant lgbtq+ discriminators as I please~ [When I say that, I mean, if the “case” they’re trying for is like that, ‘this gay fella hit on me and I wanna sue him’ type bullshit. If someone just briefly mentions he didn’t like his doctor because he’s gay but that has nothing to do with his case then I need to just be professional and continue *grr* ]

Hearing the N word on the phone is interesting, because I can choose one of two things:

Immediately hang up and ignore that number


Ov O I can take his/her/their intake “seriously” and collect their contact information so that we can place a ban on their phone number and they won’t be able to contact the national call center for our firm anymore

I like getting their contact information so we can ban them, its very satisfying


What do you think?

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