You called me, remember?

Call center for a credit union.

We happen to have the same initials as a different credit union in another state and we’re one letter off from a different CU in our particular city. So it’s not uncommon for us to get their calls from time to time.

So today I get a call from some lady asking what time our branches close. I tell her, she says “That doesn’t sound right.” I’m like “we’re still not back to pre-covid hours yet, sorry.” She proceeds to argue with me, “No you’re open from this to this…I know your branch in ____ is open, I was there last week.”

I immediately thought “If you’re that sure why you asking?” but I just said “I’m sorry, those are the current and correct hours of operation.”

She argues again, “Why would you tell me that? Why would you lie to me? Your branch in ____ is open those hours, I was there, too!” I hear this city and I immediately know she’s with the other CU, we don’t have a branch there.

I tell her, “Oh, you’re a member of ____CU, right?”

“Of course!’

“We’re ____CU, I’m sorry, different place.”

“Now you’re lying to me about who you are? Is this how you treat your customers?”

“Ma’am, we’re not your credit union, we’re a different credit union.”

She proceeds to argue the point with me for a minute or two and I explain it to her a couple different ways and when she finally comprehends she’s on the phone with the wrong credit union she says “I’ve been on the phone for nearly ten minutes on hold and with you. I can’t believe you do this to people.” Then hangs up.

You had to hear the name of our CU a multitude of times in the phone tree and while you’re on hold, I said the name when I answered the phone and lady, you called *us*. You found the number, you dialed it, how is this my fault?

We ought to have a “get out of jail free” call. When we get someone on the phone so incomprehensibly stupid we can tap out and take the rest of the day off. We’ve all had that call that gave us a [Chidi moment](

What do you think?

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