Take the abuse


I’ve been informed that if a customer is cussing about a problem, we just ignore it. We can only ask them to stop cussing if it is insulting us personally.

Acceptable: “I am so fucking frustrated with your goddamn company. Every fucking day is another fucking problem.”
(Apologize, tell them you can help, move forward with call)

“This fucking service can lick my balls and kiss my asshole!!”
(Apologize and assure them you’re the right representative to get the job done)

Unacceptable: I am so fucking frustrated with YOU.
(Apologize for their frustration, promise you’ll help them, then ask them for the first of three times to please refrain from using that language.)

No, fuck you you stupid bitch, I’ll talk how ever I want!!
(Apologize for [being a stupid bitch] the inconvenience this may pose, reassure you’re going to help them, and 2nd warning)

You can fucking hang up for all I care, fuck you and your company!!
(Apologize and again offer the help they need and proceed with 3rd warning)

Fuck you!!!
(Now you may give customer another apology and let them know you will not be able to assist and disconnect from the call)

So, if you’re in the mood for some good old fashioned verbal abuse not directed towards you (or directed towards you, but with 3 warnings, that’s not so bad, right??), welcome home, grab a headset and enjoy the ride!


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