Signing up for Online Log In


C: I can’t sign in!

Me: Okay, I can help out! It looks like you’re partially registered, let’s pull up the website and get signed in.

C: Well, I don’t know how.

Me: That’s okay, I’m happy to help! Let’s pull up “”

C: I know *that much*, how do I log in??

Me: Okay, great! Let’s use your phone number and password to log in.

C: That isn’t an option, MA’AM.

Me: Hmm… that should be the first option to appear…

C: Well, I don’t know what to tell you!! Just a bunch of pictures of devices and stuff talking about plans!!!

Me: Okay, just to clarify, what does the website say at the top of the page?

C: “”!! Do you think I’m stupid or something???

Me: Of course not, Sir, I just wanted to make sure we were in the right place to sign in. Could we possibly type into that bar “”?

C: Well, if you’d told me that before, you could have saved us both a lot of time. I’ll type it in, but I’m sure it will be the same thing.

Me: I apologize if I wasn’t clear the first time, I assure you these are 2 different sites.

C: Well, now it won’t let me sign up!! It says I already have a log in. This is so *stupid*!!

Me: No need to be frustrated, I assure you there is a way we can resolve this. You’ve already partially registered for an account, so we need to be signing in, not signing up.

C: Well, I don’t understand the difference, but you millenials have your own jargon. Always acting so high and mighty.

Me: I promise I’m not trying to be overly technical. The page you were on is for signing *UP* for an ID, so that means you don’t have one. The option we want is to sign *IN* because you’ve already started the registration process. No worries, though, that just means this will be a little easier since you’ve already gotten the ball rolling!

C: MA’AM, can you please just shut up? I’m trying to concentrate on this and you just keep flapping your jaws at me.

Me: I do apologize, I’ll be here if you have any questions.

(A couple minutes go by)


Me: Yes, sir, I’m–


Me: I’m still here, sir, how can I help?

C: What do I do now? You’re not even *trying* to help now, are you? You’re just another entitled millenial, don’t even want to help the older generation because you know it all.

Me: How may I assist, sir? I was just giving you space to concentrate on logging in.

C: What do I do now? There’s a button to log in or a button to go back. What do I do??

Me: Yes, please select to log in

(I could go on. This post could be a literal novel. You get the idea, though. Keep in mind this was over the phone, so the customer doesn’t know my age or anything about me. I swear, if any generation is entitled, it is the generation currently 60+. Sure, I get people of all ages who are too good for help or guidance, but that one really takes the cake.)


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