I work in a call center. I take calls for people filing insurance claims on their vehicles. A lady just called in, with an existing claim. She stated she didn’t have time to complete the claim before, and she was calling back.

I pull up her information, verify her name, and the vehicle in question. I am perusing the claim, to see where she left off, so I can begin MY job, of helping her complete it. I do see she has already booked an appointment for service.

As I begin to speak to her, she interrupts me with, “Let me just tell you what’s going on!”. She proceeded to talk for 5 minutes straight, starting with how we ordered extra parts and she feels it is excessive, because the last time she had this work done on her other car just like this one, (7 years previous and a diff year vehicle), those parts were not needed. She is upset we cannot get this done RIGHT NOW, due to parts being on back order. She continued with how she was going to need a ride from the shop to the rental car place to rent a car, and she does not use Uber or Lyft. She stated we will need to take her to work when she drops off the car, and she lives alone, blah blah blah blah blah. Many auto body shops offer a shuttle but this particular type of work she is having done in a specialty shop does NOT have a shuttle. She finally took a damned breath after 5 minutes and said, “You aren’t even helping me. I’m telling you this isn’t going to work and you can’t even be bothered to help me!!!”

I replied, “Ma’am I am listening to you talk. When you are done, I’d be happy to help but you haven’t let me speak since this call started.”

She shut up long enough for me to assure her we do NOT order extra parts not needed, or book this far out, because we enjoy inconveniencing people. The work she had done on her 2010 model may or may not be like the work being done on her 2017 model, so I cannot say why an extra piece was ordered. I could only confirm yes it is on back order. I tried to offer to call the parts dept for more details but she cut me off once again telling me I didn’t know how to do my job. So I just stayed quiet and let her spew.

She hung up keeping her appt time, but informed me she would be calling her Dealership to find out why we need that extra part.

This entire country is experiencing a severe shortage in many, MANY items, and car parts are part of it. That much is out of our control. Wish I could have reached through the phone and stuffed a sock in this woman’s mouth.


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