Probably the weirdest calll I’ve had in my short career.


This happened about a month ago. Names changed.

Me: Hello thanks for calling company, may i have your name?

Him: THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I’VE BEEN HUNG UP ON 3 TIMES, I NEED A SUPERVISOR NOW! (the usual Karen script, i’ll keep it short for you)

This is a bit strange since we don’t get people this angry often, it threw me off for a second.

Me: Sir I can get you a supervisor but can i have your full name?

Him: Brandon Smith.

Me: Thanks Mr. Smith i’ll get you a supervisor but it will take a couple of minutes ok?

Him: (bitches some more) Can you try to help me then?

Me: (to myself: oh fuck) Yes absolutely i’ll be glad!

I start looking at the account and notice the information entered on the IVR is for a 14 year old boy named Brandon Smith, there is no other Brandon Smith on the account.

Me: Sir i’m seeing here Brandon is 14 years old what is your name?

Him: My name is Ryan Smith I’m, his father, i’m not on the account.

(he could have told me that at the beginning and there would have been no issue, I can give him the info but now I don’t know who I’m really talking to)

Me: I’m sorry sir but i need to confirm this with the account owner (his ex-wife) do you think we can give her a call and confirm this?

Him: Yes, let me call her please hold… -15 seconds later- I talked to her she said yes!

Me: Ok that’s fine but i need to talk to her, let’s call her again or give me her number I’ll call.

Him: Wait I’ll call her…

mf came back faking a woman’s voice, this has never happened to me before, my mind was blown at his stupidity.

Him: Hi this is Mary Taylor, you can talk to Ryan

Me: (rolling my eyes harder than ever before) Hi Mary can you confirm your DOB?

him: yes 01/05/1975 (bastard remembered it, i couldn’t believe it) here, talk to Ryan again(like she was passing the phone to him lol)

Me: No no no wait, can you confirm the last 4 digits on your SSN?(some bs i made up on the spot, i actually had the real SSN in front of me)

Him:(still faking the voice) yes. 5….(wrong) 6…(wrong) 2…(wrong)

Me: Ok Ryan enough, i need to talk to her.

Him: …. I’m so sorry I’ll need to call again-beep.


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