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A woman called today, very upset that her windshield just got another rock chip. Apparently she’s had several over the past few years and went on to tell me, in great deal, about each one, and how her car is just bad luck. She did this all while sobbing and repeating herself.
Me being the empathetic person that I am, said I was very sorry for her troubles and I’d do my best to help her.
I tried several times to get the conversation back on track, as I needed her to answer several questions regarding her personal info and insurance if I was to help her.
She was going on and on about how she had to have this fixed before the heat cracked it further, as she simply could not afford a new windshield.
I continue to offer empathy while trying to collect the information I need in order to help her. She kept informing me the heat was going to crack it further and please, I needed to help her. Again, she was sobbing the entire time but it bordered on whining. Who am I to judge? The lady was obviously stressed. I buckle down and work towards a solution.
It was noon where she was. I scanned available appointments and found a shop ON HER WAY HOME…that could see at 1pm the same day. The repair would take about 45 minutes and she had a zero $ deductible on repairs.
She continued her sob story as if I hadn’t even spoken. I repeated it. She then said she didn’t want to stop anywhere because her new grand baby was at her house and she NEEDED to see him. I get it. Babies are cute. I then found a mobile unit with an available appointment for today that would go to her house between 1 and 5 pm. That simply would not do, as she needed to know the exact time he would arrive. Lady this is a window of time….you want an exact time I can get you in the shop TODAY. She continued to whine that the heat was going to crack the glass further and ohh what can she do???? She just needs to get home and hold her sweet grand baby but oh this heat!! I can’t afford a new windshield!!!
I was at a loss. I offered her tomorrow in shop and even offered to mobile out to her job. That simply would not do. Honestly I felt like saying, “Lemme just wave a magic wand and say Bippity Boppity Boo, and the world will once again be perfect and so will your windshield “ but I did not.
I remained calm, repeated the options…by this time my talk time was complete crap…so what the hell. In the end, she “didn’t know what she was going to do, and poor me, my glass is going to break in this heat”, and said she’d have to think about it, and ended the call.
I didnt get the booking. I didn’t get the appointment. My talk time was blown to bits.
I have no idea what that woman wanted from me, other than everything and nothing. Still scratching my head on this one….


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Probably the weirdest calll I’ve had in my short career.

Hey, Ahmed, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re doing alright