One good day


Yesterday, I was very much in a “screw it” mood.

I got up, defiantly put on a t-shirt instead of a blouse, didn’t bother to put my hair up and went to work. (Wow, fab. What a rebel you are!)

More than that, I was *angry*.
I had been bullied into silence the last two days by irritated customers and the last guy had just chanted the word “pathetic” at me until I hung up.

I was so ready for a fight this time. I was absolutely DONE.

The first asshole that whines about an hour wait is going to get an earful. “Do you stand in line at the grocery store? Do you think stores have unlimited lines and people? Did you know that most of the US and Canada are over 100 degrees right now? etc.” Fuck these entitled asshats, that just think that I am inconveniencing them on purpose.


The first 5 calls were super pleasant. No one interrupted. Those guys let me drive and they got handled in really good time. By lunch I had parsed down the queue from 50 to 4.

At lunch, I got told that Sunshine guy is moving to my shift next week. Double edged sword as I highly value the quiet at the end of the shift but it look like Loudmouth is working later too. At least I am not alone in a building for 3 hours. By the time I got that angry customer, I was no longer interested in the fight and just let him rant for a bit.
The last few weeks have been really rough and I’ve considered a few times just writing an “I’m done” note, putting it on my desk and just walking out forever. But for just one day, I had a good day and I got reminded of the parts of this job that are awesome.


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