I hate my boss


To be fair some of this is rumor (although I can confirm at least 75% firsthand) and some of it may just signs of bad mental health… but fuck it I’m sick of her shit and I need to vent. How she hasn’t been fired yet I have no idea but I think there’s a good chance she’ll be gone by the end of week. I’ll just call her Stacy.

Stacy hates doing sup calls and will do anything possible to avoid them. The problem is she rarely offers any actual suggestions for deesclation; she usually just berates the poor bastard who gets a sup call; and she doesn’t really care if it’s in public or not.
I think it’s the fifth time she’s done it to me but I lost count. I document all of this.

Everyone complains about her being rude; on four separate occasions I’ve asked a coworker if they think the sups are too hard on us only for them to say “oh you mean Stacy”? Several coworkers have said that she made them consider quitting.

Stacy will flirt with and give special privegeles to the new guys who respond back.

Stacy has threatned to urinate in an employee’s shoe before. In writing.

Stacy has talked publicly about shaving her ass; sworn at customers in the chat: and then publicly insulted her boss; and her bosses boss; calling them the fun police when asked to act like a fucking professional.

Stacy would very publicly complain about her breakup; I wouldn’t really object to this if it wasn’t clearly affecting her ability to work. This is conjecture but I think she went off the deep end after that; it’s hard to tell though.

After getting dumped she would take ANY excuse to not have to go to work; like never seeing IKEA before. This has led to some of her co-workers having to work 12 hours a day.

Stacy has threatned self harm when told she has to do sup calls or go into work. I know I should feel some sympathy; but at this point….

I want to say it’s the last straw but god knows.


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