No, I won’t check the account you said you refunded it into. I just want my refund.


I work in car insurance. When someone starts their policy they have two options. To pay for the policy in full, or pay monthly. If they pay monthly we take a deposit upfront.

I had this woman call up super angry looking for a refund for her son’s policy. They had cancelled the policy and was told that they were getting a refund. Which should have been back into the account by now. She had called multiple times, and was told multiple times that it had been refunded back onto the card that was used to pay for the deposit. She said it wasn’t refunded into her account. She said that she wanted an apology and for it to refunded immediately.

I checked the system. The refund was issued to a Mastercard ending in 1234 (not actually those numbers). I told her this. She got even more angry. Saying that no one in her family has a Mastercard, and we had refunded it to some random person.

I tried to explain that it was refunded onto the card that was used to pay for the deposit, and a card is only added when a payment is made. We can’t refund onto different cards due to money laundering.

I accessed the card system and saw that the card was in her son’s name. So he would have had to of payed the deposit of X amount. She wasn’t having it. Kept saying that, she was the only person to ever pay for the policy, and she had sent proof of all transactions to our email.

I check the email. Her screenshots only went back to April. The policy started in January and that is when the deposit was taken. She said that was a lie. That the policy started in April, and we also never took a payment of X. I offered to send her proof. She ignored that and went back onto the fact if the refunded.

I said again, that the card was in her son’s name and the refund would have been issued to him. I asked if they had to check his account. They hadn’t, she then said that she’ll refuse to check it as she knows for a fact he never paid for the policy. He also doesn’t have a Mastercard but Monzo card. (Monzo is Mastercard)

Knowing this was going no where, and tired of this angry witch of a woman. I said I will have our finance team look into it and get more details of the account it was sent to, but asked if she could get her son to check his account anyway. Just in case. She begrudgingly agreed.

I offered her a card translation ID which they can take to the bank to locate the refund. She refused it. It isn’t her job to search for it. We should put it back into her account.

She went on tirade saying this is all our fault that she hasn’t got her refund. That she is disgusted that we won’t refund her and refunded random person. That she will want a full apology once we recognise our mistake. That she shouldn’t have to look for the money, and asking her to check their accounts is ridiculous.

She then asked how long it will take for our finance team to look into it. I told her that I wouldn’t be able to say, but as soon as I hear anything I will let them know. She grumbled that she will call every single day until it is sorted. I told her that she can, by all means call every day, and reminded her to let us know what her son said after checking his account.

She then tells me that he can’t check the account and they closed it. (Why she didn’t say that earlier is beyond me)

She said again that she will call ever day until she is given her refund and that she wants an apology for us refunding it to a random person.

Finance team got back to me pretty quickly with and said it was definitely her son’s card that was used to pay for the deposit and where it would have been refuned to too. I asked them what would happen if they closed the account. They said Monzo will have the money on hold and he son can call to claim it.

I called the number on the system and it belonged to the son. I told him to contact Monzo and they should have his money and let us know if they don’t.

We haven’t heard from them since, so I guess they found the money.

I get contacting Monzo isn’t obvious but why did she didn’t she belive it when we told her son paid the deposit and it was refunded to him?

Angry woman who doesn’t know when the policy started, or who paid for the deposit, calls for missing refunded. Refuses to check where we told her it was refunded. Threatens to call everyday until we find it, doesn’t call back after son sees it was refunded where we said it would be.


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