I quit.


After dedicating two years of my life to this job, I left. I am not sure exactly how to feel. I thought I would feel relieved, but Im not. Im stressed out still because I am worried about finances.

To put it brief, I was tired of being under appreciated and constantly pushed. Since day 1, I have never worked less than 40 hours a week (with the exception of 2 weeks PTO), and at times there were checks with 120+ hours on them ( I got paid Bi-Weekly). I was always staying late and coming in early and doing literally whatever they needed me to.

Fast forward to here recently, and I have had personal home changes. I cannot pick up as many hours as I used to but I still work my scheduled shifts and do my best. I just have a lot going on at home. They are constantly pushing me to pick up more, work more weekends, etc. Like I am trying my best, but its not enough.

My mental health has TANKED. As if answering for funeral homes wasnt depressing enough, my work ethic and dedication being questioned on top of that pushed me over.

Today was my breaking point. I am a ball of emotions but I hope it gets better.


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