Most demanding customer


Background: I am a debt collector, I can give a tonne of different programs to help people make it through hard times. Today this lady drove me up the wall. She can afford the minimums, just was a few days late for the first time ever. Decided to give her a program out of good faith, under no obligation on my part. She was already upset that i couldn’t erase the fact that she fell late, despite reassuring her it has no impact on her credit.

Me: Ok i can offer you 6 months 0% interest, it is applied when we receive your payment in a week.

Her: I want it sooner, put it on now.

Me: No I cant do that, the processing time for payments is 3 days.

Her: Thats ridiculous, you don’t trust me that I made a payment?!!? IM A LOYAL CUSTOMER BLAH BLAH

Me: Ma’am i already fast tracked it to post at your next payment instead of at your next statement. I have no control over your banks processing time. I am offering you a very special program, 3 days is not long to wait.

Her: Its not that special. Interest is rediculous in the first place. My friend has an account with you, they got a 50$ credit one time because of covid. Where is MY free credit?!!? HMM?

Me: Ok, no problem. Ill just put the interest back to normal, which WAS saving you 450$ over the next 6 months, and replace it with the 32$ credit you qualify for. Good??!

She was pissed. I cant STAND when they DEMAND things from me. You’re the broke one, you’ll take what i give you.



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