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I’m usually the #1 sales opener at my company, but the last 2 weeks it seems like I’ve had no leads while every one else makes Their transfers. I don’t think it’s my skill, I believe I’m being singled out and under surveillance. I get weird FBI calls and A lot of wrong numbers or leads that we’re generated just hours before I get the call. I don’t know if it’s A Investigation kind of thing or A let’s make this guy quit sort of thing, But these new hires (10 within 4 days) all suck: they seem to always be transferring but never on the phone or always saying wrong script. I believe My work has been compromised by some agency (I have a past). But I have been on the right path for close to a year now. Please let me know if you have experienced these
-People pretending to speak to prospects
-Re use of names with different emails
– Different names , same number
– Campaign that shows 20,000 leads but I refresh and it only shows 50-200
– All shitty calls while everyone is Making their transfers.
Remember I’ve been #1 for 3 months so I know it’s not my tonality or script reading skills.


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