I’m a christian


Background: I work for a gas and electric company in their customer service lines.

One of my first calls today was a gentleman who was looking to lower their re-payment amount as their benefits wasn’t covering the amount we had originally set up with them.

Due to them already being over a grand in debt and struggling to make payments I gave them the names of places they could go to for advice and support with debt, the response I got to that nearly made me loose it.

The guy literally turned round and said they don’t need that as they are Christian and believe that God will sort their finances.

It took all my strength not to burst out laughing at that.

The guy then said if I hadn’t already accepted God as my saviour I should do so soon and God bless before leaving the call.

I had to take a moment before my next call.


FYI: I have no issue with people having faith in what ever god they choose but if that faith stops you for getting advice/help when you are in that bad of a situation then your faith has become detrimental to your well being.

Also I am not religious myself but have previously attended church (was to spend more time with a friend when a child) and studied different religions but have never come across someone like this person.


What do you think?

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