“I’ll wait on the phone entire weekend, but I want to speak with manager!”


What better way to start your Friday shift than with a ‘I want to speak with your manager” call.

So this lady called, Friday evening (I work night shifts), and right off the bat, demands a manager. I go through usual,’ anything I can help you with, can you explain the issue, etc… ‘.
She proceeded to explain in length how she needs to be refunded, as the tickets she bought couldn’t be used.
Now, I’m definitely not blaming her for asking that, she was 100% right in demanding money back, as out websites are utter chaos, and really out of date on some things. The problem was her persistence in demanding manager, and refusing to go through proper channels to actually submit her refund request. Which would be email, as we need to have that request in written form. I’m also not authorized to process refunds, so there’s that as well.

Lady kept on pushing and demanding a manager, and refusing to send an email. Problem was, I really didn’t have any manager at all available that late on Friday, not to mention that weekend was starting and we won’t have anyone available till Monday. Tried my best to explain her the situation, she didn’t want to hear it. By some wonder, she allowed me to explain how refunds work, and that sending an email is necessary. She wrote down all details, what to include in the email, and where to send it. After which she claimed “I don’t like writing emails, give a manager”. If I didn’t flip the table then, I’ll never will.
Told her again, that there is no one available, and that she can call us on Monday.
“I don’t believe you, I’ll stay on the phone until you get me someone, and don’t put me on hold.”
Of course, doing solo night shift, I can’t exactly afford to keep her on the line forever, so despite being the rudest possible thing I could do, I did put her on hold, as I had other things to take care of.
She hung up, called again. Same story from above. We did that dance for about an hour, until I went on my break.

I don’t remember having more exhausting call(s) than this one, but I had to admire her persistence.


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