“Just toss is over the branch! It’ll be fine!”


Been a minute, but not for lack of stupid shit to talk about, here we go.

Man calls in to complain that his appt was moved back to the initial date it was scheduled,

(we moved it up, I assume because he was a giant dickwad and no one wanted to deal with his shit for a week while he waited for that timeframe)

and I proceed to explain that per the notes on the account the technician cannot run the proper wiring as there is a tree in the way, advised customer that he would need to trim the tree so we can run line.

He then responded that the wire can run OVER the tree if the tech just hangs it higher, mind you our tap is about 3/4 the way up the pole, since we have to attach the line to the tap we cannot hang it any higher. I let him know this information, and he wants the tech to install all inside stuff for him that day and then come back Wednesday to finish(while he isn’t home) and I tell him we can’t do that as the tech needs to make sure the services are working and he gets belligerent, screaming, telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about and God, why do they hire women to do this shit, they don’t fucking know blah blah blah *gag*

I inform him there is nothing I can do but if he would like I can try to “double check” this information really quick. He says duh and I call dispatch, let them know the situation and that I’m just humoring this massive douchebag so he’ll stfu, we laugh a bit and I switch back over, he is calmer at this point and tells me “I know its not your fault” and then proceeds screaming at me again (lol wut) after I tell him I was correct, he then wants me to get a tech supervisor to call him directly so he can get it done today.

At this point I’m convinced he’s not only an asshole, but he’s fucking stupid but I set up a callback. Call ends and my boss told me to take a minute lol. What the fuck


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“I told you I wanna lower my bill, why would you give me prices for the highest package?!”

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