“I can’t just go and pick it up?”


I was handling a call as a customer service manager for an e-commerce company. A customer’s order was being held at the shipping company’s distribution center, and on our end the message “No Further Information Available” was displayed. Self-explanatory. The ticket was assigned to me and I called the customer. We had already created a case for his order and were advised that he should wait a few days for it to arrive.

M is me and C is the customer.

After I get through the verification we’re required to perform…

C: So where is my order?

M: It is at the shipping company’s local distribution center. I see a case was created regarding this order and we should just wait a few more days for it to be delivered to you. If not, we can provide a full refund.

C: Can’t I go to the distribution center myself and get it?

M: No Mr. C, I’m afraid you can’t do that-

C: It’s not far! I’ll just go and ask for it.

M: Mr. C, do you work at <shipping company>?

C: No?

M: If you don’t work at <shipping company>, you won’t be able to enter the distribution center.

C: But it’s close.

M: I understand Mr. C, however, as I said, you cannot go to the distribution center to collect your order.

C: Fine.

The customer’s order ended up arriving 2 days later.


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“Just toss is over the branch! It’ll be fine!”

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