I’m not a mind reader you know…

This happened today while I was running the Chat queue for a Supply Company

Customer: I have 2 Cups that are 8 inches tall

Me: How can we help you with those cups?

*Silence for 3 mins*

Customer: Cant you just read what I wrote up there?

Me: *Roll my eyes* Yes I can read… you wrote that you have 2 cups. I’m asking how can we help with those cups.

Customer: I need more cups.

*in my head I’m thinking… this is gonna be a long freaking conversation…*

Me: ok sir, let’s begin… what size in millimeters? How many do you need? What color?…

*Help me… help you… *

Hahahaha! Again if I was a mind reader, I wouldn’t waste my talents at a call center. Lol.

What do you think?

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It’s. 09 cents Sir…

But you called us?