But you called us?


I used to work in a call centre for a bank and got a call from a man that I thought would be simple.

Me: thanks for calling ___ this is SpritzyWeirdo how can I help?

Customer: hello this is customer I need you to tell me the last 10 transactions on my account please.

Me: of course could you tell me (bank details to locate his account)

Customer: yes it’s _____.

Me: thank you and to get you through security could you tell me digit 1 and 4 of your telephone banking passcode please.

Customer: it’s 12345.

Me: thank you but since you’ve told me the full number I’ll have to resend you a passcode as nobody else is allowed to know the number not even me but we’ll sort that after we’ve talked about your transactions.

Customer: oh okay that’s fine thank you.

We then discuss his recent transactions, I stumbled on one of them and said it was performed on x date when it was actually done the day before but I corrected myself pretty much straight away.

Me: so now all that is done I’ll have to resend your passcode since as I said nobody can know it not even me, so would you mind confirming your address for me so I know it’s going to the right place.

Customer: I’m not sure I trust you now, you tell me what address you have and I’ll confirm it.

Me: unfortunately as it’s a security measure I would need you to confirm your address for me.

Customer: no, you got what I asked for wrong how do I know you’re even the bank.

Me: I’m sorry about that mistake but you did call myself today we didn’t call you and this is for security reasons as nobody except you can know that passcode.

Customer: no you’re suspicious I’m going to go into my branch and ask them about this.

Me: if you’d prefer to do that it’s fine i’ll leave a note saying you called myself today my name is SpritzyWeirdo and I’ll also ask them to reissue you a passcode as you weren’t comfortable confirming your address with me and I can’t risk sending it to the wrong person.

Customer: fine let’s just hope for your sake that note is there or I’ll be reporting you to the police for scamming.

Me: okay have a nice day.

Customer hangs up

Me internally: but you called me?!

I left the note talking about what happened, I quit very shortly after that so I have no clue whether or not he went into the branch or got a new passcode but at that point I didn’t really care.


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