If you’re both on break and want to talk, leave the room stead of shouting across the room!

Like, I’ve lost count on how many times when in callcenters I worked where multiple people are on call at the same time, others always think that because they’re on break and don’t have to strain to hear customers anymore for the moment, they can just start shouting as loud as they like.

Sometimes I see people sitting pretty far away from each other and instead of just one walking to join the other, they both stay at their own spot and decide to just SHOUT as loud as they can!

Another time I was sitting across from someone who stayed at his desk while on break and someone else walked in and they started talking.

That’s fine and all but only then she actually walked PAST him to sit on the chair behind me and from there talk with both of them of course SHOUTING while I was literally between them and struggling to hear my customers and well as to concentrate.

Like, there was literally en empty seat next to the guy from where you could have just talked at a normal volume and still heard each other so why the hell put more distance between yourself and him and need to shout?

Why do so many people not understand that they’re bothering others by being intentionally loud like that?

I once asked someone who constantly did nothing but scream at random people sitting at random spots whenever she wasn’t on call and all it got me was a look like she wanted me dead.

I already always try to sit at secluded spots so I’d be less likely to get in between something but no matter where I sit, there are always people who refuse to think of me or others getting bothered by their loudness.

The actual worst parts is that over half the time, its these people who complain the most if they’re even caught in between

Does anyone else have this problem?

What do you think?

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