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I work over nights in tech support for a cable/isp/phone company. We also have a chat function that is posted on all of our web pages where you can request someone to text you.


We get a lot more of these chats than calls at night. I think people think we are not open, and the chat will just be answered the next morning. A cool thing about our chat program, is it tells what page of our website the customer requested the chat from. All to often I will get a chat such as, what channel is disney, where can I find the channel lineup. I will look at the url of the page they requested the chat from, and it will literally be the channel lineup page. Half the time I just copy and paste it, and send it back to them saying they can find what channel disney is on this page. They do the same for pricing, and other stuff, but I just forward those to customer service to handle the next day as we do not deal with those in support.

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“What is your phone number?”

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