If you prefer our competitors…. Then move to them !!


Honestly I’m sure lots of my fellow call centre works have had this convo
Customer :” your competitors rates are so much better , their app is better , their sites are cleaner , I prefer their uniforms blah blah blah”

…. Well go to them then !!! Why do customers think we give a crap about how much they prefer the competition , we do what we do , they do what they do , if you like them then off you go ! Honestly if you really think a company wants your business after you’ve spent 30 minutes moaning about how much better the competition is then you are very much deluded . Tbh at that point we are begging for you to just go to them so they can deal with your tantrums .

Also making mention of how long customers must be waiting whilst you continue to moan about all the worlds issues and how you are the most hard done by person in the world … I’m sure the next customer will be happy to know that although you continued to keep moaning you at least acknowledged you are the reason for their longer wait 😂


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