Is it common to get a score for the nicest words you use on the phone?


At my job (unnamed) it is called “sentiment” it takes into account the nice (positive) words you use on the phone and I just found out on Thursday, it also takes into account how nice the CALLER sounds… something we have ZERO control over. So if the other caller is using negative words, it drives us down.

Kicker is, in my dept, it is the highest weighted thing on our score cards.

I will say I work for a bank and the rest of this job is easy… I work from home, I play sims during work, and as long as I read our “bible” of sorts for most calls, I won’t give out the wrong information so I won’t “fail” calls.
I’m 6 months in now and they haven’t said anything about sentiment to me alone because 90% of our dept is failing it… I wonder why? Yes that was sarcasm.

Our goal is 1.93 and while I am able to assist customers with ease and I answer most questions during our calls mine is a 1.33…
I am just very transactional so trying to adjust to using small talk is hard though I’m slowly getting there.

Do other call center jobs have this?


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