Idiotic Darren things he can play a quick one for us because “the customer is always right”


This just happened… and is honestly too funny to let it pass.

So for quick context, the mobile company I work for also works with a cable service. Basically if you have cable and mobile at the same time you get the mobile services for ‘free’ let’s call it that. If you disconnect the cable services and keep mobile, then you get charged $20 extra a month on your bill. If the services keep disconnected then bills are gonna show the charges for it. And yeah… you still gotta pay for the time it wasn’t used.

So that takes me to the good ol’ Darren today. He started saying it was being overcharged in the account for the mobile services, and after checking it seemed the Darren disconnected the services for a while. I tried to explain this to him, but he immediately said: *But I do have services*.

This actually happens a lot… because the crappy system just doesn’t know how to put everything together by itself. So I spent some good 10 minutes playing stupid looking for the account with the cable services which he assured me “was using for over a month”.

I kept looking and looking and at the end I just came to the conclusion he did not have that thing and just wanted the charge taken out from the account, specially because he just kept saying “I won’t pay for that bill for something it doesn’t correspond me”. I was like “yeah keep saying that to yourself… you’ll have plenty of time to say it because you won’t be able to talk for shit”.

At the end, because I was afraid the system was showing me something wrong, I had to talk to the cable department. I spoke with 3 different agents and all of ’em said that this piece of Darren dd not have services at al, and haven’t asked to reactivate it. The dude didn’t even asked to reconnect crap.

So I tried to this guy he had to get services back, or at least make sure it had them connected in the account, and he said the inevitable “I know I don’t wanna pay for this because is not correct. **Customer is always right! And I know what I’m saying!**”

Now I’m sure everyone will agree with me on this: The mentality of “da kaztomer iz olwaiz rait” is the reason why this subreddit exists. This idiots think just because they’re customers and we help them with a service they’re entitled to do whatever tey want because “the customer s always right”. That mentality is raising a lot of idiots real quick.

I was fuming and was very close to say to him “No, is not, and sorry but you’re wrong”, but I wouldn’t be losing my job for someone like him. I just told him he needed to get services, he could go to a store, but he chose the phone instead, so I just transferred to the sales department.

I guess the guy was angry he didn’t get his way because I checked if he talked with someone, and there is no backup.

I honestly hate this type of people: smart ass pants and entitled idiots


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