Insurance is guaranteed to be complicated


I work for a big pharmacy retailer in their branch that handles prior authorizations. Time and time again my worst callers are doctors who think they’re God’s gift to all humanity. They can never understand why their patient can’t just *have* the $3500 medication they prescribed. The process is tedious and a bit inconvenient, but not impossible if you actually listen to the questions I have to ask. But no, it’s always “you can’t tell me how to treat my patient’s illness. I WILL SUE YOU! I’m friends with a senator and THEY WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS! This is BULLSHIT” and “Fuck this. From now on I’m not taking anymore insurance. If my patients won’t pay out of pocket they can go see someone else.” Like ok you asshats. You have to answer a few simple questions it should be easy for you to answer and we could be done. This is part of your responsibility as a doctor. If you’re too busy, get your staff to do it. Just don’t have your patient call me and yell about how it’s my fault they’re dying cause they can’t get their medication. Yes the process is annoying, but it works for most everyone the way it is supposed to, so what makes you think you’re special? I never thought doctors of all people would be the most rude and disrespectful.


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